Panda Update

Now Lin Ping weight 6,600g, length 63 cm, today Lin Ping milked at 7.00 am so while we check up Lin Ping ‘s health Lin Ping does not want to milk from Lin Hui.
Lin Ping can hear and respond very well especially a voice from the camera. Lin Ping was bark more often when she smells something unused or when we touch her ears and nose which she does not like. In a period of 3-6 month is a period of crawling and walking. Now Lin Ping used her back legs very well. She still has 2 teeth
Lin Hui is healthy, amount of feed intake is 12 kg per day, Lin Hui walked in exhibit area to exercise 2 times per day and take time about 15 minutes. We were check on Lin Hui’s nipples to see any wound from Lin Ping but none.
We will check Lin Ping’s health again on August 31st 2009.

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