Mahachai Fresh Market

On Saturday and Sunday at Mahachi Fresh Market,there are a number of people going about their activities.Almost came from Bangkok including me.I love to visit this place as there are plenty of delicious food and seafood.

Mahachai fresh market is the centre of commerce and transpot of Samut Sakhon.The market is famous for fresh seafood in wholesale and retail prices.Besides,Tourists can take a passenger boat or hire a boat to cruise along Khok Kham canel.
Furthermore,the market was also known in another name "Yok Krajad Market"since the vanders had to carry their products in the basket far from the railway when the train was caming.

Mahachai bay:Mahachai is the destination of tourist who would like to buy cheap and fresh seafood and taste the seafood dishes among the breathtaking scennery,especailly at dusk.Tourists could see the view of Mahachai bay together with the mangrove forest on the riverside while gently breeze cool their face,offering a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Other place attraction;
Tourists can take a passenger boat or hire a boat to cruise along Khok Kham canel.

Khok Kham Temple,The interesting thing of ancient temple is old Buddhist sanctury decorated around with Sema boundry markers.At the front of temple,there is renovated pagoda built in Ayutthaya period art Besides,
Phantai-Norsing Shine housing antique abjects which concern the story of Phantai Norsing such as parts of Ekkachai and Butsabok royal barges,
Samut Sakhon Science centre For Education,1km.away from Khok Kham temple,This science centre was found in 1997 covering an area of 7.2 acres.Inside the building,there are an exhibition of astrology,outer space,solar system,the moon exploration and life of fixed stars presented by a projector in a small dome,and an exhibition entitled "Human Beings and Measurement and Calculation",telling about the long history of measurement and calculation.Outside the building,the land isorganized as scientific garden,organic agricultural garden and herb garden.It is open on Monday to friday from 08.30 to 16.30,

Location:Tha Chin river,Muang Samut Sakhon district,Samut Sakhon province,Thailand
How to get there:Take the Highway no.35(Rama ll road)turn right and go further for around 2 km.and pass Wichian Chodok fortress for the market.

Mahachai Bay & Many Seafood