Bang Phli floating market

The village community of Bang Phli in Samut Prakarn Province of Thailand.
In the past, several provinces in Thailand, with many market, but now a new generation of society to be. But, Klong Samrong bangph้li , also a market that is life, life is continuing as to the past. , Also in the market,Products are also sold antiques.
Today, people here still live life to normal as before, live in wooden shophouses , which is both home and shop, near a canal, a temple near the house, a lend support, a previous generation of Thai society. , a folk-cultural traditions, helping to maintain, and that there is life, not wish to travel.
***Long time lapse.......Rows of 141 year old wooden houses with teakwood walkways form the backdrop of the old Bang Phli floating market. Many of the quaint shop-houses retain their original form offering clues as to how life might have been in former times. Goldsmiths perpetuate the ancient craft of beating and rolling gold as they make gold foil working with traditional techniques and tools and even the same set of scales used by their forefathers.
***Bang phli have also been trying to have a weekend market along the canal. They actually have one of the longest running markets in Thailand as this one was established just over 141 year ago in 1857 by Chinese traders.
The old Bang Phli Market starts at Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai. It is basically a series of wooden shophouses with one long covered roof. It stretches for about 500 metres or so. There are more shops for tourists.Way to enjoy a variety of products.Both used to eat ,Dish-old to see that others no. But here also sold full contribution people shop.

"I think, It is a nice place to eat a meal alongside the canal."
There is an old canalside market near the temple where visitors can walk around and buy some food and useful items.
Open during 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Contact info:
Tambon Bang Phli Municipal Office
Phone: (02) 3373086, 3373930, 3373491, Fax: (02) 3373715
Bang Phli District Cultural Center,
Phone: (02) 3373715, 3373414, Fax: (02) 3373715
TAT Central Region Office: Area 3 (Chon Buri-Samut Prakan)
Phone: (038) 427667, 428750, Fax (038) 429113

To get there
By Car
You can use the old Sukhumvit Road and also Highway Number 303 to get there. The distance is only 29 kilometres to Samut Prakan town.
By Bus
air-conditioned buses
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Line No. 2 (Sam Rong - Pak Khlong Talat), }
Line No. 6 (Pak Kret - Phra Pradaeng)
Line No. 7 (Sam Rong - Tha Phra)
Line No. 8 (Pak Nam - Tha Ratchaworadit)
Line No. 11 (Pak Nam - Khonsongsaitai)
Line No. 13 (Rangsit - Pu Chao Saming Phrai)
Line No. 23 (Sam Rong Thewet via Expressway)
Line No. 25 (Pak Nam - Tha Chang)
Line No. 102 (Pak Nam - Chong Nonsee)
Line No. 126 (Nonthaburi - Sam Rong)
Line No. 129 (Thang Duan - Kasetsart University - Sam Rong)
Line No. 142 (Wat Lau - Samut Prakan)
Line No. 145 (Suan Chatuchak - Samut Prakan)
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Line No. 6 (Phra Pradaeng - Bang Lamphu)
Line No. 13 (Rangsit - Phu Chao Saming Phrai)
Line No. 20 (Pom Phra Chun- Tha Nam Din Daeng)
Line No. 23 (Sam Rong Thewet via Expressway)
Line No. 25 (Pak Nam - Tha Chang)
Line No. 45 (Sam Rong - Ratchaprasong)
Line No. 82 (Phra Pradaeng - Bang Lamphu)
Line No. 102 (Pak Nam - Chong Nonsi)
Line No. 116 (Samrong - Sathorn)
Line No. 129 (Kasetsart University - Sam Rong via Expressway)
Line No. 138 (Chatuchak - Phra Pradaeng via Expressway)
Line No. 145 (Suan Chatuchak - Pak Nam)

Distances from Amphoe Muang Samut Prakan to Bang Phli 17 Kms.