Wat Saphan Floating Market

Today,I will take a trip to visit wat saphan floating market,.which does not very far..and Travel is also easy. It has many ways to travel.Wat Sapan Floating Market, on the other hand, is the smallest of the three. Located within the compound of an ancient Buddhist temple on the banks of Bang Noi Canal Talingchon.

Wat Saphan Floating Market is a new market is just 2 years old.Is the beginning.it owes its existence of the police,Name is Police Major Sitthichon Angsusat.City police,bangsaothong station.The temple was razed by Burmese troops some time during the Ayutthaya period and the evidence has survived to this day, among them badly damaged Buddha statues and some fire-blackened sima - stone tablets used to mark the boundaries of the temple precinct.

Before exposure to the market this small, offering the 3 Buddha which respected the Buddhist faith., a large Area located outside the church.
This area, the old red brick, the remains of ruined nature is less crash, called ancient defensive wall, 200 years old, which if not observed. No one will tell and think it's just plain old brick. Actual fact it is very valuable.

Wat Saphan Floating Market is small shops on the side not very large market. Although visitors will fade. It is not popular, but everyone at The villagers bring a smile to visitors. Everyone is very friendly.
In canal. Fish have large masses that displace the bread, which people throw into it.

Have drink, coffee ancient A clay pot large bowl.
Have food, Tom yum pork with soup noodles ancient its very delicious.
Look ,A boat with food sales, light meal,fruit,Vegetables no poisons. A light wind. , less people here, not uncomfortable, do not eat scramble, scramble not buy. We have made contact with the atmosphere of calm, cool and pleasant, fully

Wat Sapan Floating Market is open on weekends and public holidays from 9am to 3pm.
To get there by bus, take No. 68, 80, 81, 146, 175 or 509 to Bangkhun Si Market on Charan Sanitwong Road and then get on a songthaew (Paknam Nam-Krajome Thong route); tell the driver that you want to go to Wat Sapan, which is one kilometre beyond the terminus (Wat Krajome Thong). If you're driving from Taling Chan Floating Market, use Ratchaphruek Road, then make a U-turn at Charan Sanitwong Soi 13 and turn left onto the Paknam- Krajome Thong Road.

For more information, call 086-035-0424.