Two Oceanic Provinces

Two Oceanic Provinces:Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram
The similarities between Samut Sakhon and Samut Saongkhram are bordering the sea and having the main river flowing into Golf of Thailand.The main rivers of these 2 provinces are important routes to International trade and transportation.In addition,the towns of these provinces are located around the river.
Tha Chin River is a 315 km. long branch of Chao Phraya River,to Gulf of Thailand.This river branch has several names according to the place that the river flowing through.For examples.the river that flows through Supanburi province was named "Supanburi River" and then called "Tha Chin River"when it flows through Samut Sakhon.
Mae Klong River is around 140 km.long .It originates inthe mountain of Um Phang district,Tak province and flows into Gulf of Thailand.By the way,it has several names.It flows though Chong Sadao,Nong Bua,Tha Makham,so called "Kwae Yai River" and Kwae Noi River"
ioin Pak Praek.The river from pak praek flowing though Kanchanaburi province,Ratchaburi province and into Gulf of Thailand wascalled "Mae Klong River"

Although these 2 provinces are not quite large in size,they are the importain seaports because of bordering the sea.Besides,they have the fertilities of marine life especially mackerel.Hence,the main industries of them are fishery.Mae Klong mackerels are thir famous seafood until today.

Samut Sakhon is a popular tourist destination since it's not far from Bangkok and easy to access.Further more,cruise along Tha Chin River where a number of tourist sites located is another reason that draws tourists'attention to visit this province.Before going back,don't forget
to visit Mahachai market as it will offer you a nice time for sure.and more
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Samut Songkhram is one of nearby tourist provinces of Bangkok.It is only 72 km.away from Bangkok,taking around 2 hours by car.It is a good idea to tourist attractions offering you a new axperience different the one you get while you in the chaotic city.
If you still have no plan where to go this weekend,you are recommended to do sightseeing in Samut Songkhram.then,you will know why it is worth a visit.
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