Lak Sam Market

Lak Si Rat Samosorn temple
at the temple by Damnoen Saduak canal

Laksam Market is a nice place, in Samut Sakhon province of Thailand.
Samut Sakron is my popular tourist destination since it's not far from Bangkok and easy to access.
Lak Sam Market is accessible by land and by water.

In old day,the main transportation of this comunity is by waterway.Now,the market isnotas bustling as the past.Some shops are closs for good.However,there are still classic buildings to admire such as traditional Chinese drugstore,gold shop,etc.

Besides,This market is also the site of Malee pier where tourists can get on the passenger boat to Lak Si,Lak ha and others places lying along Damnoen Saduak canal's banks.

The almosphere of Laksam market

On the opposite side of Malee pier lies Kamnan Pa Oen pier where tourists can also hiera boat from these 2 piers to visit other tourist sites along Damnoen Saduak canal,for examples,

Duang Jinda fruit orchard,
Lak Si Rat Samosorn temple,
Lak ha floating market, etc.

Location:Lak Sam Market Location by the Hightway no.3097(ban Paew-Nakhon Pathom ),Ban Paew district,Samut Sakhon Province of Thailand.

How to get there:From Krathum Ban district,take the Highway no.3090(Ban Paew-Krathom Ban)toward Ban Paew,pass the crossroads,go futher to lak Song temple, turn rigth at three way junction,then follow the Hightway no3097 and cross Damnoen Saduak bridge,the market is on left hand side.