Ban Hua Had Home Stay for Floating market

Ban Hua Had Home Stay located by Kwae Aom canal offers a nice relaxed atmosphere.

On Saturday and Sunday at nature place,the village of canal.Here, a number of me going to Ban Hua Had Home Stay.I love to visit this place as there are plenty of delicious food and many floating market.Wandering around there is also really appealing.Some houses double as the home stay which the rent is not too high.

Nearby Tourist Attractions
A Ban Hua Had Home stay,there are a lot of activities to do,for exmple, watching the sunrise from the front of home stay,cruising to the admire tourist attractions standing along the canel bank which this boat trip take around 4 hour ,etc.
The boat will stop at Intharam temple where 300 - year-old. Luang Po To image is housed.Then a boat will float along Kwae Aom canal around 2 Mae Klong river mouth offering close-up view of ferries boat, row boats floating up and down the river.
Next stop is king Rama ll Memorial Pank,1 km.away from Amphawa floating market.The interesting thing is King Rama ll museum built in traditional Thai style.The museum displays the ancient art objects and depicts the way of life of people in early Rattankosin era.Last,The boat trip will at Amphawa floating market offering view of a thousand people going about their lives,bustlingly selling and buying a variety of products.

Ban Hua Had Home Stay having 4 houses can welcome the visitors up to 100 persons.Each is divided into 3 bedrooms and one large common bedroom,2 restrooms.This home stay is the ideal place for the visitors who wish to live like the locals and to pay for room in a budget price.

Location:Ban Hua Had,Muang Mai sub-district,Amphawa district,Samut Songkhram

How to get there:
From Bangkok,Take the Hihgway no.35(Thonburi-paktor route),pass Mahachai-Na Kluae crossroad to km.63 then turn right to Samut Songkhram town,follow the Hihgway no.325(Samut Songkhram-Bang Pae route)for about 15 km.,turn left at police station,go straight up to Bang Khae Noi temple,there is a sign to Poo Yai Thongyip on right hand side.
Contact Home Stay:Poo yai Thongyip Keawnikul 34,Moo 9,Hua Had,Muang Mai sub-district,Amphawa district,Samut Songkhram 75110
Tel.0 3473 5073,

The village located by Wat Pradu canal stays the same atmoshere and environment of old days.

Traditional wooden houses near Pradu Temple