Pak Klong Don Manora Floating Market

Pak Klong Don Manora Floating Market,It is one place, I travel frequently.
Having aday trip or weekend trip at Bankok's nearby like Samut Songkhram interesting to the visitors whose time has limit. Since it takes only 2 hours and there are a lot of tourist sites to visit,for examples the temples which are over than 44 temples, Floating Market, don Hoi Lod,etc

Pak Klong Don Manora Floating Market.This Floating Market is over 50 year olds.It takes place from 06.00 to 12.00,on Waxing Moon and Waning Moon,Day 2,7,and 12 Evening in accordance with the Thai Lunar calendar.In eary morning , anumber of boat venders have already loaded their foodstuffs for sale such as Pad Thai,noodle,Thai dessert and so on as the most bustling time is around 06.00am.

Ohter interesting parts of this Floating market are the traditional way of lift of local people and its nice atmosphere caused by the surroundings that are coconut orchards and the waterways.

Location:Moo 5,Donmanora sub district,
How to get there:From samut sakhon town,take the high way no .35(Thonburi-Paktor)to km.63then take the highway no.325(Samut Songkhram - Bang Pae) for around 8 km.Then turn right at Bang Krabue junction,go future for around 8 km.there is right - hand signpost and follow that sighpost for another 1 km.