Muslim Home Stay (Ban muang kluang

"Welcome to Thailand and experience the Thai culture . Watching the sunset on the beach, driving a long-tail boat, visiting an orchid, fruit, and goat farm as well as swimming in the sea, going crab fishing, climbing up Eagle Mountain and coming home to Thai style cooking and sleeping in a hammock. padling kayak along,lad yai canal for sightseeing mangrove is one of activities at Muang Kluang"

Ranong,the frist city of Andaman Sea,Has not only abundance of natural resources,but also people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.Visit to Ranong,tourists should not miss to see the beautiful scenery as well as exploring the locals' lifestyle.Here,
at Ban Muang Kluang,Kapoe district,after 6 years opening to public,Let's go to say hello with Muslim.
Ban Muang Kluang is a little village located by Phetchakasem road around the fork Leam Son National Park-bang Ben Beach.Muang Kluang inphabitants are mostly Muslim.Main industry is fishery and minor ones are agriculture and trade.The most attractive feature on visiting Ban Muang Kluang is ecotourism and obsering locals'lifestyle as well.

Muslim home stay which has been opened to puplic for 6 years is a part of Muslim Home Stay and Ecotourism Forum.The purpose of this forum in which 25 locals families particpate is to understand Muslim lifestyle by tourists. Muslim home stay provides 15 guestrooms and local food dining with the host.Besides,there are many activities that tourists can join with the locals for one day or more by staying overnight at guestroom of Ban Muang Kluang.

Location:Ban Muang Kluang,sub-district,Kapoe distric,as the gataway to Laem Son National Park,43 km.far from Ranong if taking the Highway no.4
How to get there: From Ranong downtown,take the Highway no.4 down south for 43 km.until you get km.657,then turn right at the fork to the Muslim Home Stay and Ecotourism Forum on your left hand.

Padding kayak along, lad yai canal for sightseeing mangrove is one of activities at Muang Kluang sub-district,Ranong of Thailand