Tha kha floating market

Tha Kha floating market place every five days from early morning to noon.

The charm of visiting floating market is to witness the river life.And the must-see floating market is at The Tha Kha where the old fashion is still the same as time passed by.
In the morning,at people at Tha Kha floating market still paddle their boats to exchange the goods and not to make aprofit from each other.The goods they exchanged are mostly various fruits.vegetables,including Thai foods such as Thai vermicelli with curry,friend mussel,Thai dessert,etc.For visitors,they can also fill their stomachs with these tasty dishes in budget price.No doubt,this floating market becomes the fascinating place to visit.
Before leaving for the trip,visitors should check the because this floating market will take place only six days a month,on Waning and Waxing Moon,Day 2,7,and12 Evening in accordance with the Thai lunar calendar,from to 12.00 am.please contact Khun Jaroen Juethai,the group chief of Ban Tha Kha Home Stay,Tel:0 3476 6123

Location :Tha Kha Village,Tha Kha sub-district,Amphawa district.Samut Songkhram town.
How to get there:From Bangkok,There are 2 ways to the destination from Samut Songkhram town,frist,take the highway no. 35(Thonburi-paktor route)to km.63then take the Highway no.325(Samut Songkhram-Bang Pae route) and turn right at Bang Krabue crossroads for 5 km.,there is a signpost to the Highway no.35(Thonburi-paktor route)to km.57 then make a U-turn to Bang Kaew market and pass the crossroads to Lad Peng temple.there is a signpost to the floating market.