Amphawa Floating market

Amphawa floating market
  • Today,Floating market is paid attention by tourists more than it is in the past.
As it is not too far from Bangkok,just taking 2 hour,you will be embraced by atmosphere of liveliness in floating market.
  • At amphawa floating market.Tourists could see people going about their lives,
a number of boat vendors selling their fresh produce,seafood dish,cool drink,and so on,
All foods of here can cause you feeling a bit hungry all the time for sure Fortunately,
you could buy each of them in a budget price.
  • Along the canal banks.the houses were built in from old to contemporary style Many of them double as shops and restaurants which are more bustling in late afternoon.
At dusk,the shops will be decorated will neon lights of various colors,
making the place look more attractive.Besides,Visitors can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and music broadcast by the community members.
  • If you stay overnight at Amphawa district,you should never miss to see the fireflies whose tails shine on and off in the dark.You can hire a boat rowed by the local guide who takes you to the best spot for the fireflies.It take around 1 and half.The most important thing during the boat ride to fireflies spot is "Do not make too much noise since it will scare away the fireflies"
  • Amphawa floating market is suitable for all ages as so many things to see and do.
If you still have no any plan where to go for week-end,so try to get here which never makes you feel disappointed.

Amphawa floating market takes place on Fri,Sat and Sun,from 14.00 to 21.00.

Location:Located near King Rama ll Memorial Pank.
How to get there:Take the highway no.35 (thonburi-paktor route)to km.63,pass the town then take the highway no.325(samut songkhram-Bang Pea route) to km.36-37 and turn left at the junction to the King Rama ll Memorail Park.The market is located near the park.