Gliding To Victory Traditional long boat & Ko Lae Boat Racing

The Ko Lae boat (or 'yo kong' in the local dialect) are small fishing boats commonly seen in the fishing villages of southern Thailand. especially around Narathiwat province. The Ko Lae and long boat races on the Bang Nara River have been organized annually in Narathiwat Province since 1976 in honour of Their Majesties the King and Gueen and members of the Royal Family during their visits to the South. These colourful boat races held around The royal Pavilion near the estuary of the Bang Nara River are now one of the main attractions of the province.
Vessels particpating in these boat races must be Ko Lae boats that are built the traditional way with twowoden planks. The sides of the boats are paintd and bright colours and feature my thical characters from ancient folklore such as Naga,the dragon, Hanuman, the monkey and singha, the lion.
Traditional boat races have inpired a greater interest and appreciation in folk expertise and indigenous skills. this has led to the growth of a collage industry in the production of hand - cralted miniature the Ko Lae boat. Though renewed interest, an ancient folk art and culture is preserved.