Don Wai Market

Don Wai Market. Some people call this a floating market. However, strictly speaking, it is a market on the banks of the Nakhon Chaisi River.
  • This is another floating market of Nakhon Pathom established in the reign of King Rama VI (reigning 1910-1925). There are no boats floating in the river but the sellers set up their shops on land near Wat Don Wai on the river bank of the Tha Chin River in Samphran County.
The floating market at Wat Don Wai (near Wat Rai Khing)has become very popular for Thai and foreign tourists.
It is located on Nakhon Chai Si River, Nakhon Pathom
Province, and only about 30 kms. from Bangkok.
Tourists can take a boat trip along the river which is
very naturally beautiful while having lunch on the boat.
The boat trip can be as short as one and a half hour
and the fee is from 60 - 80 Baht per person.

To get to Don Wai Market is quite easy. I took the Outer Ring (Highway 9) from Samut Prakan. I then turned onto Highway 4 which is signposted Nakhon Pathom. Shortly after the Rose Garden you need to turn right onto Highway 3316. However, as you cannot do a direct turn here, you have to continue as far as the bridge over Nakhon Chaisi River and U-Turn under the bridge. Make sure you keep left for this. You will see a bigger sign for Wat Rai Khing rather than for the market. Keep going until you reach the market on the left. You cannot miss it nor the crowds. Make sure that you arrive early if you want to park a car. This costs 20 baht. There is more than one place to park. Just keep driving along the road.